Residents must have their say


images7Residents and local clubs must have an imput into the running of the new Community Centre in Balinfoile. That is the opinion of local Councillor Frank Fahy who this week called for greater involvement in the running of the new centre which is due to commence construction shortly. It will be a fantastic facility which the local community has been waiting for nearly 30 years.
A public meeting will be held in the Menlo Park Hotel on Wednesday 23rd April between 7 and 9 pm. This will be an open forum where proposals for the use and management of the Centre will be discussed. All local sports clubs and organizations as well as residents associations are asked to send representatives to the meeting. Members of the public are also welcome. Cllr Fahy believes that the centre should be run by a committee made up of representatives from all the different local residents associations, clubs,and organizations and Galway City Council. Cllr Fahy is opposed to any involvement of private for profit companies managing a public facility paid for by tax payers money and will oppose any attempt by City Hall to employ a private for profit company. According to Cllr Fahy who is chairman of RAPID there are many people in the community who are willing and capable of running the community centre with support from Galway City Council. It is imperative that all residents have a say in the running of the centre and take ownership of it as a community facility. It is expected that construction and fit out will take between 12 and 18 months.

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