To be Frank, the name’s Fahy not Fahey

To be Frank, the name’s Fahy not Fahey

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frankkkWe got a wrap on the knuckles recently, from Fine Gael City Councillor Frank Fahy, for adding an ‘e’ to his name and spelling it Fahey.

Ordinarily, most people wouldn’t be too put-out by the misspell, but Frank is a Blueshirt and doesn’t like being mistaken for former Fianna Fáil Councillor, Galway West TD and junior minister, Frank Fahey, who lost his seat in the last General Election.Not sure why – we always found Frank Fahey with an ‘e’ to be grand to deal with – but fair enough if you’re Frank Fahy without an ‘e’ then we’ll call you Frank Fahy without an ‘e’.

Apparently it drives Frank’s wife bonkers that we spelled it with an ‘e’, by mistake, in the past, and so from now on, to keep the missus onside, we’ll do our best Frank to remember no ‘e’. Read more…..

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